Per il gusto di uccidere

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Per il gusto di uccidere (Italy, Spain 1966 / Director: Tonino Valerii)

  • Runtime: 87 min
  • Release Date: 6.8.1966
  • Filming Locations: Almería

Also known as

Cazador de recompensas (Spain) | Taste of Killing (U.S.A.) | Lanky Fellow - Der einsame Rächer (Germany) | Por el gusto de matar (Argentina) | Lanky, l'homme à  la carabine (France) | 100,000 dollars pa hojkant (The Netherlands) | Kivaari Vuokrattavana (Finland) | Prazer de matar (Portugal) | 100,000 dollar i sikte (Sweden) | Sam protiv bande (Yugoslavia) | Pelo Prazer De Matar (Brazil) | さすらいの一匹狼 Sasurai no ippikiokami (Japan) | Ланки Фелоу (Bulgaria)

Cast and Crew

  • Cast: Craig Hill (Hank "Lanky" Fellows), George Martin (Gus Kennebeck), Piero Lulli [as Peter Carter] (Collins), Patrizia Del Frate [as Diana Martin] (Peggy/Molly Kennebeck), Franco Ressel [as Frank Ressel] (Sam Aarons), Rada Rassimov (Isabelle), Eugenio Galadini [as Graham Sooty] (Jefferson), George Wang (Machete / Mingo), José Marco (John Kennebeck), Lorenzo Robledo (sheriff of Omaha), Sancho Gracia (Steve), José Canalejas (Peter), José Manuel Martin (Rodrigo), Dario De Grassi [as Dario De Grasi], Fernando Sancho (Sanchez), Remo De Angelis (deputy, maestro d'armi)
  • Also with: José Aquilino Montoya (Wylie, Sanchez bandit), Luis Rodriguez (Sanchez bandit)
  • Story: Tonino Valerii
  • Screenplay: Victor Auz, Tonino Valerii
  • Cinematography: Stelvio Massi [Eastmancolor - Cromoscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Nico Fidenco
  • Song: "Il gusto di uccidere" sung by Nico Fidenco
  • Song: "Lanky Fellow" sung by The Wilder Brothers
  • Producers: Francesco Geniese, Vincenzo Genesi, Daniele Senator, Jose Lopez Moreno


Lanky Fellow has a typical cynical SW like way to earn his living. He observes valuable transports of money or gold, but when they are robbed he doesn't intervene, but follows the robbers and then brings the loot back to collect the insurance. When his "job" brings him in conflict with the notorious outlaw Gus Kenneback, he has personal reasons to protect the money as Kenneback was once responsible for the death of Lanky's brother.


Tonino Valerii worked as an assistant director on For a Few Dollars More, and when he had the chance to direct his own western, he reused many of the familiar actors and locations of the Leone westerns, as well as trying to work in his own style. He remained a good copyist, albeit he lacks the deeper inspiration, in this likeable and entertaining, but also not too remarkable SW. - by Stanton

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