Più forte sorelle

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Più forte sorelle (Italy 1973 / Director: Renzo Girolami [as Renzo Spaziani])

  • Runtime: 79 min
  • Release Date:

Also known as

Drei Nonnen auf dem Weg zur Hölle (Germany) | For a Book of Dollars (U.S.A.) | Más fuerte, hermanas (Argentina) | Kansas City (France) | Des dollars plein la gueule (France) | Mais Forte Irmãs (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Lincoln Tate (Amen), Gabriella Farinon (Jane), Gianclaudio Jabes [as Jean Claude Jabes](Catapult), Gilberto Galimberti [as Gill Rolland](head Catapult henchman), Luigi Bonos [as Gigi Bonos](Timothy), Clara Colosimo (nun), Franca Maresa (nun), Suzy Monen (nun), Sandro Scarchilli (Mammola / Tutti Frutti, gay henchman), Carlo Monni (vet, dentist), Lorenzo Piani (cowboy), Francesco D'Adda, Serafino Profumo (henchman)
  • Story: Francesco Vietri
  • Screenplay: Franco Vietri
  • Cinematography: Mario Parapetti [color - widescreen]
  • Music: Nando De Luca
  • Song: "Catapult" sung by Eldorado Stones
  • Producer: Silvio Battistini


A bounty hunter named Amen (Lincoln Tate) is hired by some nuns to recover stolen money pillaged by a gang called Catapult's Outlaws.


The established director Mario Bianchi preferred to complete his work as assistant director on Luigi Mangini's Abbasso tutti, viva noi a.k.a. Death to Death and the production replaced him with Marino Girolami's nephew Renzo, previously assistant director on Johnny Hamlet, Execution and Durango is Coming, Pay or Die.


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