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Original Notes by Page Creator


  • George Hilton as Django <-- Billy in Italian track. I have my doubts with Cooney since he is only the stephbrother of the sherrif
  • Hunt Powers as David <-- in IT & DE, Heard no last name
  • Walter Barnes as Jarret <-- alias, he uses Clay Thomas in Italian, Thomas Clay in German
  • Sarah Ross as Jarret's Girlfriend <-- Never named Mara, I assume Sarah Ross is the band member
  • Erika Blanc as Jenny <-- in IT & DE
  • Mario Brega as Yanaro <-- in IT & DE
  • Glen Fortel as Sheriff Martin Cooney <-- in IT & DE
  • Katia Cristine as Katie O'Brien <-- in IT & DE
  • Marisa Quattrini as Maria, shot down wife Huh <-- not sure, dvd quality is bad, I seem to recognise the maid from * Playgirls and the Vampire / Another possibility is Mrs Howard (Maria and Howard both in IT & DE)
  • Giovanni Scarciofolo as Mark <-- in IT & DE
  • Salvatore Borgese as Jarret Henchman
  • Bruno Corazzari as Jarret Henchman
  • Luigi Casellato as Bartender
  • Umberto Raho as Smolie <-- in IT & DE
  • Luciano Rossi as Anatol <-- in IT & DE
  • Luciano Catenacci as Black Jack <-- just Jack in IT
  • Rik Boyd as Jarret Henchman
  • Mauro Bosco as Jarret Henchman
  • Lorenzo Sharon
  • Cesare Martignoni as Man with Dog <-- is this Katie's Father?
  • Lucia Righi
  • Stefano Alessandrini as (uncredited)
  • Roberto Alessandri as (uncredited)
  • Gino Barbacane as Jarret Henchman (uncredited)
  • Luciano Bonanni as Man in Saloon (uncredited)
  • Tom Felleghy as Sheriff Roy Norman (uncredited) <-- Roy not Ray in both IT & DE
  • Valentino Macchi as (uncredited) <-- who is this guy? I have many credits for him, unable to identify
  • Paolo Magalotti as Jarret Henchman (uncredited)
  • Desiderio Raffaele as (uncredited)
  • Aysanoa Runachagua as Asa (uncredited) <-- Rasa in IT ? impossible to understand
  • Bill Vanders as Bank Director (uncredited)

Discovered errors on IMDb !

Jeff Cameron .... Mark (as Glen Fortel)

This is incorrect, Jeff Cameron is credited as Giovanni Scarciofolo

Glen Fortel is Enzo Fiermonte

Based on German track of German DVD (unfortunately I don't have the other version with the English track of this dvd). Some names I also heard in Italian track. The source for the DVD seems to have incomplete Italian credits, no crew is listed.

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