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Click The Spaghetti Westerns Podcast for the unofficial episode archive of Tom and Jay's first and only spaghetti western podcast, highly recommended by the SWDb.

As there are other movie themed podcasts out there that will sometimes have spaghetti western episodes, this is a landing page that also catalogs some of these as well.

  • under construction / please report yours or others / contact us!
  • Film Seizure Podcast, Episode 235: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (November 9, 2022) / Soundcloud
  • Wrong Reel, Episode 557: Once Upon a Time in the West (date) / wrongreel.com
  • Wrong Reel, Episode 529: Django's Bastards (date) / Wrongreel.com
  • Wrong Reel, Episode 512: The Bastard Sons of Sam Peckinpah (July 2020) / wrongreel.com
  • Wrong Reel, Episode 264: The Best Spaghetti Westerns (not by Leone) w/ guest Tony Stella (May 2017) / wrongreel.com
  • Wrong Reel, Episode 118: The Operatic Ecstasy of Sergio Leone (March 2016) / Wrongreel.com
  • Escolhe Tu! Episode 27 - Keoma (portuguese), May 2019 - Spotify
  • Segundo Take, Episode 304, with Pedro Pereira and Emanuel Neto of Por Um Punhado de Euro (portuguese), November 2021 - Spotify
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