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Palle in canna!

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Palle in canna.jpg
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Palle in canna! (2005, Director: Guido Maria Ranieri)

Country: Italy

Also known as

Porno Spaghetti | Oltre il confine (Italy)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Asia D'argento, Anna Prati, Nikky Rider, Mirella Bond, Katsumi, Terminator, Tony Argento, Pablo, Alex Brown, Akira Lee, John Olden, Vanessa Dark, Melinda Bui

  • Story: Guido Maria Ranieri
  • Screenplay: Guido Maria Ranieri
  • Cinematography by: Stefano Kramer [color]
  • Music:
  • Producer:


The town's cowboys are killing each other off to be the first to screw the lovely saloon waitress or one of the convent's nuns!

Filming locations


Not to be confused with Gene Quintano's National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon, which is also named Palle in Canna! in Italy.