Posate le pistole, reverendo

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Posate le pistole ... reverendo (Italy 1972 / Director: Leopoldo Savona)

  • Runtime: 104 min
  • Release Date: 3.6.1972

Also known as

Pistol Packin' Preacher (U.S.A.) | Pizza, Pater und Pistolen (Germany) | Déposez les colts (France) | El predicador bandido (Spain) | En packe Dollar (Sweden) | Slim é o meu nome (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Mark Damon (Slim), Rosario Borelli [as Richard Melvill] (Barney Solvay), Veronika Korosec (Lucy), Pietro Ceccarelli (Geremia), Giovanna Di Bernardo (Mary), Alessandro Perrella, Ugo Fangareggi (church caretaker), Carla Mancini, Enzo Maggio (doctor), Raimondo Fulli, Amerigo Castrighella [as Amerigo Castrichella] (Albert, Solvay lieutenant), Franco Corso [as Francesco Corso] (Solvay henchman)
  • Also with: Pietro Torrisi (bandit), Claudio Ruffini (Solvay henchman), Sergio Testori (Solvay henchman), Michele Branca (Solvay henchman), Floranna Di Bernardo
  • Story: Leopoldo Savona, Aldo Marcovecchio [as Norbert Blake]
  • Screenplay: Leopoldo Savona, Aldo Marcovecchio [as Norbert Blake]
  • Cinematography: Romano Scavolini [Eastmancolor - Panoramico 1,66:1]
  • Music: Lallo Gori (shares the same title music with Durango Is Coming, Pay or Die)
  • Producer: Maurizio Pastrovich


Lazy gunman Slim joins the travelling Italian pizza baker Geremia and his two daughters. Taking advantage of an astronomic "miracle", they try to get their hands on a treasure hidden by a not so respectable small town banker.


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