Potato Fritz

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Potato Fritz (West Germany 1976 / Director: Peter Schamoni)

  • Runtime: 94 min
  • Release Date: 6.5.1976

Also known as

Zwei gegen Tod und Teufel (West Germany) | Masacre en Condor Pass (Spain) | Massacro a Condor Pass (Italy) | Montana Trap (U.S.A.) | Montanafällan (Sweden) | Proschyot leitenanta Sleida (Soviet Union) | Massacre en Condor Pass (France) | Ta katharmata tis megalis sfagis (Greece) | Klopa u Montani (Serbia) | Massacre Em Condor Pass (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Hardy Krüger (Potatoe Frits / Captain Henry Ebedard Jansen), Stephen Boyd (Bill Ardisson), Anton Diffring (Lieutenant Slade), Friedrich von Ledebur (Martin Ross), Arthur Brauss (James Wesley), Luis Barboo, Dan van Husen (Smoothie Nestler), Paul Breitner (Sergeant Stark), Christiane Gött (Jane Antrim), Diana Körner (Martha Comstock), David Hess, Heinrich Starhemberg, Rainer Basedow, Malachy McCourt, Helmut Brasch, Carl Rapp, Bob Simmons, Eva Berganova, Meg Clancy, Francesca Kruger, Gonzalo Canas, Robert Chase, Raúl Castro, Jesus Fernandez, Jorge Gleser, Juan Jose Maján (as Juan José Majan), Mariano Vidal Molina (as Vidal Molina), Desmond Thompson, David Thomson (as David Thompson), Fernando Villena, Peter Schamoni (Reverend Cavenham), Pit Schröder (soldier), Fernando Vilena
  • Story: Paul Hengge
  • Screenplay: Paul Hengge
  • Cinematography: Jost Vacano, Wolf Wirth (Techincolor)
  • Music: Udo Jürgens
  • Song: "He's a Friend of Mine (The Ballad of Potato Fritz)" sung by David Hess
  • Producer: Peter Schamoni


Potato Fritz (Hardy Kruger) and his friends have moved from Germany to the American Wild West, settling eventually in the Rockies. They are besieged by what appear to them to be hostile Native Americans. Before too long, it becomes clear that the hostiles are in fact a gang of gold thieves. This movie is notable among German-made Westerns for its use of authentic period costumes and firearms.

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