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Puszta Cowboy

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Puszta Cowboy (Hungary 2004 / Katrin Kremmler)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

Puszta cowboy.jpg

  • Runtime: 10 minutes

Cast and Crew

  • Cast Balázs Pálfi (narrator), Bence Solymár (The Cowboy), Szini (Butch), Élisabeth Forestier (The Indian), Katrin Kremmler (The Girlfriend)
  • Director: Katrin Kremmler
  • Written by: Katrin Kremmler
  • Cinematography: Eszter Muszter [color]
  • Producer:

Filming locations


A transsexual cowboy's horny girlfriend is kidnapped by her former lesbian lover, named Butch. While the cowboy searches for his girlfriend, he is worried about falling in love with the kidnapper.

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