Quattro dell'Ave Maria, I

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I Quattro dell'Ave Maria (Italy 1968 / Director: Giuseppe Colizzi)

Also known as

Ace High (USA) | Revenge at El Paso (UK) | Have Gun Will Travel (UK) | Asso piglia tutto (Italy) | Trumfove eso (Czechoslobakia) | Vier für ein Ave Maria (Germany) | O ás vale mais (Portugal) | Luojan lähettiläät (Finland) | Tappava hymy (Finland) | Les quattre de l'Ave Maria (France) | Deux honnetes crapules (France) | Bosszu El Pasoban (Hungary) | Haevenere fra El Paso (Denmark) | Ess pa top (Norway) | Los 4 Truhanes (Spain) | Ess i topp (Sweden) | Trumfové eso (Czechoslovakia) | The Four of the Ave Maria | Gunmen of the Ave Maria | Four Gunmen of the Ave Maria | Revenge in El Paso | Aces High | Os 4 Da Ave Maria (Brazil) | 荒野の三悪党 Koya no san akuto (Japan)
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After beating Bill San Antonio and "rescuing" the stolen gold (see Dio perdona... Io no!), Cat (Terence Hill) and Hutch (Bud Spencer) try to collect from the partner, a banker who gave tips about gold deliveries. The banker makes a deal with Cacopoulos (Eli Wallach) for his escape and Caco will kill Cat and Hutch. Caco, of course double-crosses the banker, steals Cat and Hutch's money and sets out for Mexico on an agenda of revenge, with Cat and Hutch in pursuit.


  • Cast: Terence Hill (Cat Stevens), Bud Spencer (Hutch Bessy), Eli Wallach (Cacopoulos), Brock Peters (Thomas), Kevin McCarthy (as Kevin Mc Carthy) (Drake), Tiffany Hoyveld (Thomas' wife), Federico Boido (as Rick Boyd) (Foster), Armando Bandini (bank accountant), Livio Lorenzon (Paco Rosa), Steffen Zacharias (Mr. Harold), Remo Capitani (Cangaciero), Bruno Corazzari (Deputy Charlie), Dante Cleri (El Paso banker), Antonietta Fiorito (saloon girl), Leroy Haynes (boxer), Franco Gulà  (Al), Corrado Olmi (man on street), Aldo Sala (casino employee), Luciano Telli (casino cashier), Giuseppe Terranova (casino cashier), Edoardo Torricella (roulette player), Giancarlo Badessi (boxing promoter), Roger Beaumont (croupier), Frank Brana (Harold henchman), Antonio Molino Rojo (Harold henchman), Gildo de Marco (Drake henchman), Mel Gaines (Drake henchman), Gino Marturano (Drake henchman), Simonetta Santaniello (farm girl), Enzo Santaniello (farm boy), Riccardo Pizzuti (Harold henchman), Vicente Roca (Don Pedro Ramirez), Paolo Magalotti, Elio Angelucci (gambler), Isa Foster
  • Story and Screenplay: Giuseppe Colizzi
  • Cinematography: Marcello Masciocchi [Technicolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Carlo Rustichelli
  • Producers: Bino Cicogna, Giuseppe Colizzi



One of three Colizzi films, the other two being Boot Hill and God forgives, I don't. The three movies aren't technically a trilogy but form part of an informal trilogy, with Ace High following God forgives.... and the adventures culminating in Boot Hill.

Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 132 min
  • Paramount's US/international version is approx. 120 minutes long and therefore missing about 10-15min of footage.

Release Dates

  • Release Date: 31.10.68

Filming locations


Production and business



Germany: the original theatrical dub from 1969 seems to be lost, currently only the comedic dub from its 1977 re-release is available on home video and occasionally seen on television.


September 2022: Paramount's BluRay of the film marks the movie's HD debut, albeit only in its shorter version.

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