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Containing far too many significant glances and hooded, sidelong leers, this is the sort of film which made the spaghetti western genre ripe for parody by the early 1970s. Unfortunately, Fidani is quite serious. Hunt Powers plays Django, who doesn't do much of interest throughout the film, and the omnipresent Fabio Testi co-stars as Sartana. Sartana is in disguise as a sheriff who comes to a frontier town called "Citta Nera" to rid it of a stereotypically evil town boss played by Dean Stratford (aka Dino Strano). Of course, Stratford is also running guns with a Mexican bandit (Dennis Colt) and a character called the Worm (Lucky McMurray). The climax features a large but uninspiring gunfight which pits Django and Sartana on one side and the bad guys on the other. It doesn't make much sense, which is hard to avoid when one paints by the numbers as Fidani does, but he somehow manages to obscure even the most trivial plot detail in a montage of reaction shots from sweaty, dusty men with murder on their minds and mysterious women with heaving chests. It could perhaps be viewed as comical if it weren't so terribly dull. ~ Robert Firsching, All Movie Guide

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