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Règlements de femmes OQ Corral
  • Jean-Marie Pallardy
  • Véra Valmont
  • Jean Luisi


  • Jean-Marie Pallardy

The film

The actors are not the most capable in this erotic French western. Furthermore, the picture was shot in an a Wild West theme park and the Frenchmen operating in front of the camera look uncomfortable in clothing that was probably bought at the local party store. For reviewing convenience I assume these existed in the 70s. The beer mugs in the hands of the actors look out of place as well, betraying a culturally strange fetish for drinking crushed grapes.

In Tyrolean fashion the premise seems that of a soft pornographic western, which itself should already be fun enough in a drunken stupor. But at an early stage this snail western, or whatever you want to call a French cowboy production, even offers a great massive shootout. This burst of masculine glory in the old west, where lives were cheap, almost brought me to tears of cinematic joy. The latter is somewhat exaggerated, but you get the picture that I'm trying to sketch here.

Naturally there is also some screwing in this film, for director Jean-Marie Pallardy simply had more affinity with saloon ladies than with cowboys. And that in itself is quite understandable of course. Especially Alice Arno delivers a sexy contribution in this context. Whether Dutch actress Willeke van Ammelrooij is proud to have served in this half-baked film I doubt. Either way, she doesn't bring much to the table. Van Ammelrooij looks bored and her sex appeal was little. Though some will disagree with me on that matter.

Highlight of the film: A guy nails a chick while riding a horse. Chapeau, Monsieur Pallardy!


Règlements de femmes OQ Corral is not hardcore, though the film was to be equipped with pieces of hard porn later, with completely different actors and actresses, of course under different titles. The xxx cut I have seen years ago and it is fair to say that, the badly edited in, hard porn scenes have no added value. You're well off with the DVD by distributor Le chat qui fume, who came up with a decent release for the film, that unfortunately offers no subtitles.

--Bad Lieutenant 07:39, 18 June 2013 (CDT)

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