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Ramsbottom Rides Again

From The Spaghetti Western Database

Ramsbottom Rides Again (UK 1956 / Director: John Baxter)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern


Cast and crew

  • Cast: Arthur Askey (Bill Ramsbottom), Glenn Melvyn (Charlie), Sid James (Black Jake), Shani Wallis (Joan Ramsbottom), Frankie Vaughan (Elmer), Betty Marsden (Florrie Ramsbottom), Jerry Desmonde (Blue Eagle), Sabrina (girl), Danny Ross (Danny), Anthea Askey (Susie Ramsbottom), Bill Percy (Reuben), Gary Wayne (Tombstone), Dennis Wyndham (Dan), Donald Stewart (captain), June Grant (Bella), Beckett Bould, John Carson, Deryck Guyler, Sam Kydd, Marne Maitland, Campbell Singer, Leonard Williams, Edie Martin
  • Story: based on a play by Harold G. Roberti
  • Screenplay: Arthur Askey, John Baxter, Glenn Melvyn, Geoffrey Orme, Basil Thomas
  • Cinematography: Arthur Grant [black & white]
  • Music: Billy Ternent
  • Song: "Ride, Ride Again" sung by Frankie Vaughn
  • Song: "This is the Night" sung by Frankie Vaughn and Shani Wallis
  • Producer: John Baxter (producer), Barbara K. Emary (associate producer)


Bill Ramsbottom sells his English pub and drags his family off to Canada where he has inherited a ranch from his grandfather Wild Bill Ramsbottom. He ends up tangling with outlaw Black Jake, an Indian chief Blue Eagle, and the local law.

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