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Un hombre vino a matar (1968 / Leon Klimovsky)

Rattler Kid is a corny spaghetti western about a man trying to gain his 'life' back. The poor bastard of a main character is a soldier that gets blamed for a robbery. An important army dude got killed in the process. The main character is a real wimp, contemplating on how he's such a loser and needs to set the record straight. Before being unjustfully set to hang a holy man gives him the means escape. He then gains notoriety as 'Rattler Kid' killing some people. After that the excitement went to zildj. The flick went all talky and with that the boredom set in. Naturally our main man joins the gang that was responsible for the ruining of his army career, self esteem, etc. Needless to say he did so to bring these punks to justice... The story is very lame and so are the actors. Klimovsky's direction is standard to say the least, not enough to make this boring story come to life anyway. Of course our main man gets his justice, etc. Very predictable indeed.

I'm not going to beat around the bush. This is a boring spaghetti western, so be forewarned. The film has virtually nothing to offer except a laughable execution of a corny plot. It's too good to be so bad that it's good, and it's too bad to be any good. A waste of time, but of course a must for anybody seeking out any spaghetti western ever made. The best thing comes from the people who did the German marketing and put the power words 'Django' and 'Satan' in the title. Unfortunately neither of the diabolical duo are to be seen in this piece of crap.

/ Scherpschuetter

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