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  • Label: Grindhouse Releasing
  • Release date: December 10, 2013 (Canada: January 2014)
  • All Region
  • 4-Disc Deluxe Limited Edition Combo Pack (Embossed cardboard outer slip cover) - Two Blu-rays, one DVD and bonus CD; Limited To 3000 Copies. Reversible inner sleeve cover featuring The Big Gundown artwork on one side and La Resa Dei Conti artwork on the other
  • BluRay Disc 1: Spectacular New 2K Digital Restoration of the uncensored English language version (mono), newly expanded with three additional scenes (i.e. the US expanded cut 94:56min)
  • Bluray Disc 2: LA RESA DEI CONTI - The complete, original uncut version presented in Italian (mono) with optional English subtitles and special music subtitles (110:18min)
  • Disc 1 extras: Audio Commentary By Western Film Experts C. Courtney Joyner And Henry C. Parke; isolated music (and effects) track in stereo; "Sergio Sollima Remembers 'The Big Gundown" - 2005 interview with Sergio Sollima (29min); "Tomas Milian: Acting on Instinct" - 2013 interview with Tomas Milian (29min); "Tagliatelle in Los Angeles: Sergio Donati Interview" - 2013 interview with Sergio Donati (12min); "Sergio Sollima: Struggles Against Genre" - 2005 Sergio Sollima interview (28min); "Sergio Donati Bonus Interview" - 2005 Sergio Donati interview (12min); still galleries (production stills, US promo material, Italian/French/various promo material); trailers (two US theatrical, Italian theatrical, and 5 TV spots); Sergio Sollima, Tomas Milian and Sergio Donati filmographies; BD-ROM content (tbc)
  • Disc 2 extras: Grindhouse Releasing Previews of Coming Attractions
  • Bonus CD - THE BIG GUNDOWN - Original Soundtrack by Ennio Morricone (25 tracks)
  • DVD version of the film (extended US version; region free), audio and extras like disc one
  • 22 page booklet with liner notes by C. Courtney Joyner and euro-music expert Gergely Hubai
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  • Review


  • Label: Powerhouse Films / Lime Wood Media (Indicator Series)
  • Release date: February 13, 2022
  • 2-Disc Limited Edition (5000 copies, numbered) / Region: B
  • Contains 3 versions of the film: US theatrical cut (90mins, Disc 2); extended US cut (95mins, with scenes that were added for TV broadcast); original 110-minute Italian version (Italian and English audio).
  • Video: 2K restorations, 2.35:1 1080p
  • Audio: Original mono audio; with isolated music & effects tracks
  • Subtitles: New and improved English subs, incl. for the deaf and hard-of-hearing (US cut only) and for scenes of the uncut version never dubbed into English
  • Extras: Audio commentary with writers and film experts Barry Forshaw and Kim Newman on the Italian theatrical version (2022); Audio commentary with film historians C Courtney Joyner and Henry Parke on the extended US cut (2013); Spaghetti Western Memories (2012): documentary with Sergio Sollima and Tomas Milian revisiting the film; Tomas Milian: Acting on Instinct (2013): the star revisits The Big Gundown and reveals some of his acting secrets; Prelude to a Gundown (9min) and Heroes and Villians (29min) - Stephen Thrower on ‘The Big Gundown’ (2022): the author and musician on the unique qualities of the film; A Settling of Accounts - Austin Fisher on ‘The Big Gundown’ (2022): the author of Radical Frontiers in the Spaghetti Western situates the film in the wider context of the genre; two US theatrical trailers; Original Italian theatrical trailer; 5 TV spots; image galleries: production stills and promotional material.
  • Limited edition exclusive 80-page book with a new essay by Italian cinema expert Roberto Curti, archival interviews with Lee Van Cleef, Tomas Milian, and Sergio Sollima, extracts from the film’s promotional materials, an examination of the work of co-screenwriter Franco Solinas, an overview of contemporary critical responses, and full film credits; Limited edition exclusive poster
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  • Der Gehetzte der Sierra Madre
  • Label: Explosive Media (Limited Mediabook, BR, DVD + Bonus Disc)
  • Release date: October 10, 2012
  • Video: 2.35:1 1080p / Digitally restored and remastered
  • Audio: (Dolby 2.0) German original dub, German newer dub, Italian, English
  • Subtitles: German, English (during missing english dubbings)
  • Runtime: 110 min (BR, new transfer), 106 min (PAL DVD, previous transfer)
  • Bonus features: 24 page booklet by Steffen Wulff; Spaghetti Western Memories featurette with Sergio Sollima and Tomas Milian (49:36min, German or English subtitles); trailers, alternate credits; original soundtrack (24 tracks);
  • Review: Deutsch
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Colorado dvd.jpg


  • Label: Cult Media
  • Release date: March 1, 2017
  • Runtime: approx 110min
  • Audio: Italian, English (with some scenes in Italian) 2.0
  • Subtitles: Italian
  • Also released on DVD
  • Extras: interview with Sergio Sollima
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