Richard Harrison - The Spaghetti Western Years

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The Spaghetti Western Years is an interview featurette with Richard Harrison

  • Produced by: Wild East
  • Runtime: 37min (version on the German DVD), 55:36min (on the Wild East DVD)
  • Included on: German DVD of One on Top of the other and the Wild East DVD of My Name is King / Gunfight at High Noon
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: optional German (on the German DVD)
  • He talks about, among other things: Abrechnung in Vera Cruz, Gringo, I giganti die Roma, 100.000 Dollari per Ringo, El Rojo, Colpo Maestro, Django - Mit den besten Empfehlungen, Joko invoca dio... E muori, Between God, The Devils, and a Winchester, Prima ti perdono... Poi t'ammazzo, Reverendo Colt, Lo chiamavano King, Acqusanta Joe, Lo sceriffo die Rockspring, Joe Dakota