Rio maldito

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Rí­o maldito (Spain, Italy 1966 / Director: Juan Xiol [as Xiol Marchel])



  • Runtime: 98 min
  • Release Date: 6.8.1966

Also known as

Sette pistole per El Gringo (Italy) | Kaksintaistelu St. Trinityssä (Turkey) | Seven Pistols for a Gringo (U.S.A.) | Sete Pistolas para Gringo (Brazil) | 7 Pistolas Para Gringo (Brazil) | Cursed River | Big Duel in St. Trinity | The Law of Revenge

Cast and crew

  • Cast (Spanish credits): Gérard Landry (Doctor Clapper), Bruno Piergentili [as Dan Harrison] (Dan), Fernando Rubio (Joe), Alberto Farnese [as Albert Farley] (Torrence), Alberto Gadea (Jed Tennessee, Torrence henchman), Juan Manuel Simón (Torrence henchman), César Ojínaga (Murdoch, Torrence henchman), Gustavo Re (Nat, Betsy's father), José Maria Pinillos [as José Maria Pinillo] (Riverside sheriff), Patricia Loran (Betsy), Eduardo Lizarza, Victor Vilanova (Johnny Tennessee), Teresa Giro (chief's daughter), Marta May (Lily, saloon singer), Gaspar 'Indio' González Jr [as Gaspar González] (Dan as a boy)
  • Also with: Moisés Augusto Rocha (Loner)
  • Story: "Big Duke in St. Trinity" by Peter Kenn
  • Screenplay: Ignacio Iquino, Roberto Bianchi Montero
  • Cinematography: Julian P. Rozas [Technicolor, Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Enrique Escobar
  • Producer: Julio S. de la Fuente
  • Song:“Te dare mi amor” sung by Francisco Heredero
  • Song:“Mirame John” sung by Maria Gladys


Raised by a traveling dentist after his father is lynched, a man returns home only to be framed by the same gang of bandits for killing a gambler.


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