Rojo, El

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El Rojo (Italy, Spain 1966 / Director: Leopoldo Savona (as Leo Coleman))

  • Runtime: 98 min
  • Release Date: 1.9.1966
  • Filming locations: Manzanares el real - Madrid

Also known as

Rojo (U.S.A.) | Texas el rojo (Spain) | El Rocho - Der Töter (Germany) | Rocco - Der Töter (Germany) | 5.000 dollar för El Rojo! (Sweden) | El Rocho | Rojo - O Implacável (Brazil) | 必殺のプロガンマン Hissatsu no pro gunman (Japan)


  • Cast: Richard Harrison (Donald "El Rojo" Sorenson), Nieves Navarro (Consuelo), Piero Lulli (as Peter Carter)(Lasky), José Jaspe (Hank/Giosue/José Garibaldi), Mirko Ellis (Navarro), Andrea Aureli (as Andrew Ray)(Ortega), Franco Ressel (as Ray Russell)(Wallace), Annie Gorassini (Flo, dancer), Rita Klein (Pamela, blond dancer), John Bartha (judge), Raf Baldassarre (as Raf Baldwin)(Ramon, Lasky henchman), Andrea Fantasia, Tom Felleghy (sheriff), Fortunato Arena (saloon patron), Elio Angelucci (saloon patron), Franco Gulà (saloon patron), Furio Pellerani, Ivan Scratuglia (Lasky henchman), Pietro Tordi (saloon patron), Gaetano Scala (Cochise), Angelo Boscariol (Black Burt), Antonio Jiménez Escribano (Old Sorensen)
  • Screenplay: Roberto Amoroso (as Robert Lover), Leopoldo Savona (as Bill Coleman), Mario Casacci (as Mike Mitchell), Rate Furlan
  • Cinematography: Aldo Giordani [Ramovisioncolor - Panoramico 1,66:1]
  • Music: Benedetto Ghiglia
  • Song: "To The West" sung by Nieves Navarro
  • Assistant Director: Gianfranco Baldanello
  • Supervising Director: Roberto Amoroso
  • Producers: Roberto Amoroso (as Robert Lover), Luis Merino


Donald Sorenson, back from the war, with the help of various allies, is on the trail of those responsible for the murder of his family, who were massacred by an apparent Indian attack while on their way west.


OK western which begins pretty bad with an awfully directed "Indian" attack on a settler family. The revenge story is predictable until a bizarre looking gunman with an iron mask appears, who also helps to provide a not expected strange ending. / by Stanton


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