Sangue chiama sangue

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Sangue chiama sangue (Italy 1968 / Director: Luigi Capuano)

  • Runtime: 97 min
  • Release Date: 6.4.1968

Also known as

Blood Calls to Blood (U.S.A.) | Le sangre reclame le sang (France) | El Sancho, c'est le temps de mourir... (France) | Sangue Chama Sangue (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Fernando Sancho (Sancho Rodriguez), Stephen Forsyth (Andrej / Andrew Willoughby), Germán Cobos (Father Louis Willoughby), Antonella Judica (Carmen), Lea Nanni (Mary Anne / Micaela), Vittoria Solinas (Rosita), Franco Fantàsia [as Frank Farrell] (Captain Roy), Joaquín Blanco [as Rick Palanse] (Angel Face), Francesco Porzi (Pedro), Salvatore Campochiaro [as Turi Campochiaro] (prior), Silvano Zuddas (José, Sancho bandit), Luciano Bonanni [as Lucki Bonanno] (Guard Dog, Sancho bandit), Claudio Ruffini (Diego, Sancho bandit), Sergio Scarchilli (black-bearded monk), Andrea Fantàsia (Remendado, Sancho bandit), Arnaldo De Angelis (Manuel, bartender), Sergio Testori (Sancho bandit), Ugo Adinolfi, Yuma Gonzales (Guadalupe, dancer)
  • Also with: Sandro Scarchilli (Sancho bandit), Virgilio Ponti (Sancho bandit), Giuseppe Castellano (saloon patron), Clemente Ukmar (saloon patron), Franco Ukmar (saloon customer), Rinaldo Zamperla (saloon patron), Giancarlo Ukmar (saloon customer), Giuseppe Cardone (monk), Claudio 'Jimmy' Lo Cascio
  • Story: Fulvio Pazziloro
  • Screenplay: Fulvio Pazziloro
  • Cinematography: Tino Santoni, Pablo Ripoll [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
  • Music: Francesco De Masi [as Frank Mason]
  • Producer: Felice Zappulla


Sancho and his gang assault a monastery, kill a few monks who try to oppose the invasion, and get away with a work of art in gold and diamonds. Andrew, also with an eye on the treasure, informed of his brother's death, who was seeking sanctuary, starts a search for the gang and the diamonds.


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