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From The Spaghetti Western Database

This film is not a western but a pirate movie with western themes, set in the old west of California.

Scalawag (Italy, Yugoslavia, USA 1973 / Directors: Kirk Douglas (Zoran Calic, uncredited))

  • Runtime: 92 min
  • Release Date: 22.4.1973

Also known as

Protuva (Yugoslavia/Serbia) | Un magnifico ceffo di galera (Italy) | Scalawag (U.S.A.) | Jamie's Treasure Hunt (U.S.A.) | Pata de palo (Spain) | Scalawag (Germany) | O arhon ton okeanon (Greece)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Kirk Douglas (Peg), Mark Lester (Jamie), George Eastman (Don Aragon), Neville Brand (Brimstone / Mudhook), Don Stroud (Velvet), Lesley-Anne Down (Lucy-Ann), Danny DeVito (Fly Speck), Mel Blanc (Barfly the Parot voice), Phil Brown (Sandy), Davor Antolic (Rooster), Stole Arandjelovic (Beanbelly), Fabijan Sovagovic (Black Foot), Shaft Douglas (Beau)
  • Story: Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Screenplay: Albert Maltz, Albert Sidney Fleischman
  • Cinematography: Jack Cardiff [Technicolor - 1.85:1]
  • Music: John Cameron
  • Producers: Anne Buydens


A crew of land locked pirates, led by the aptly named Peg, go in search of burried treasure hidden by the treacherous Mudhook and his twin brother. They meet up with good natured landowner, Don Aragon, who goes along for the ride with his sister and a young boy, Jamie. Along the way, Peg and Jamie form a father son relationship that is put to the test due to Peg's naturally dishonest ways.


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