Scalps, venganza india

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Scalps, venganza india (Italy, Spain 1986 / Directors: Bruno Mattei [as Vincent Dawn / Werner Knox]), Claudio Fragasso)

  • Runtime: 102 min
  • Release Date: 1987 (? Italy), October 1987 (France)

Also known as

Scalps (U.S.A.) (Germany) (France) (Greece) (Sweden) | Es geht um deinen Skalp, Amigo! (Germany) | Scalps! Venganza india (Spain) | Päänahat (Finland) | Yarin, a Índia Vingadora (Portugal) | Escalpo - Vingança Índia (Brazil) | 愛は憎しみを越えて DVD/VHS title (Japan)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Vassili Karis (Matt), Mapi Galán [as Mary Galan] (Yari), Alberto Farnese [as Albert Farley] (Colonel Connor), Carlos Bravo [as Charlie Bravo] (Sergeant Gordon), Beni Cardoso [as Beny Cardoso] (Mary Connor), Emilio Linder (Frank) [Spanish credit]
  • Also with: José Canalejas (Chief Black Eagle), Ignacio M. Carreño, Francisco Gomez, Lola Forner (Dolores)
  • Story: Richard Harrison, Italo Gasparini
  • Screenplay: Roberto Di Girolamo, Bruno Mattei
  • Cinematography: Julio Burgos, Luigi Ciccarese [Eastmancolor - Panoramico]
  • Music: Luigi Ceccarelli (also re-uses music from Run, Man, Run, Sonny & Jed, Anda muchacho, spara!, a.o.)
  • Producers: Sergio Cortona, José Cunillés


The commander of a Texan fort in the Civil War refuses to surrender to the Northerners, and tries to buy the local Indian tribe chief's daughter. The sage man refuses, and the Southerners massacre the tribe and abduct the young squaw anyway, who manages to escape, and hides out with a rough rancher. The odd couple join forces, and tactics, to exert ultimate vengeance on the men at the fort.


Filmed more or less at the same time as the less sleazy Bianco Apache


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