Sceriffo che non spara, Lo

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Lo sceriffo che non spara (Italy, Spain 1965 / Directors: José Luis Monter, Renato Polselli)

  • Runtime: 98 min
  • Release Date: 9.9.1965

Also known as

The Sheriff Won't Shoot (U.S.A.) | El sheriff no dispara (Spain) | Le sheriff ne tire pas (France) | Poker d’as pour Django (France)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Mickey Hargitay (Allan), Vincenzo Cascino [as Vincent Cashino](Baron Vermont), Marco Mariani [as Dan Clark](Sheriff Jim Day), Aïché Nana [as Aichè Nanà](Lulu / Colei, saloon proprietor), Pilar Clemens (Desiree Vermont), Ángel Ter (deputy), Sancho Gracia (Sam, Allan's henchman), Gianni Dei, Anthony Devi, German Grech, Victor Kasline, Solvi Stubing (Rita), José Luis Lizalde [as J.L. Zalde](stage passenger), Manuel Zarzo [as M. Lopez Zarzo](Brett), José Luis Monter [as J.L. Monter]
  • Story: Guido Malatesta
  • Screenplay: Vincenzo Cascino, Guido Malatesta, María del Carmen Martínez Román, José Luis Monter, Lionel A. Prestol, Reinat Rizlang
  • Cinematography: Aiace Parolin [Eastmancolor - Panoramica]
  • Music: Felice Di Stefano [as Felix De Stephen]
  • Producers: Sergio Newman, Vincent Cashino


An outlaw takes advantage of his brother, the sheriff who refuses to use a gun after accidentally killing his father in a shootout with outlaws.

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