Sceriffo tutto d'oro, Uno

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Uno sceriffo tutto d'oro (Italy 1966 / Director: Osvaldo Civirani)

Also known as

Sheriff With the Gold (USA) | Golden Sheriff (Spain) | L'or du sheriff (France) | Töte Ringo Töte (Germany) | Oi treis skliroi tis Arizona (Greece) | Um Xerife Todo de Ouro (Brazil) | Den gyldne Sherif (Denmark)
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The story of a unscrupulous marshal who holds up a gold shipment, an intelligent and attractive lady who robs the robbers and a band of outlaws who, in turn, manage to rob her. The marshal, meanwhile has a change of heart, and decides to finally put a stop to the wheeling and dealing.


  • Cast (Italian): Luigi Giuliani [as Louis Mc Julian] (Arizona Roy), Caterina Trentini [as Kathleen Parker] (Jane), Jacques Berthier (Sheriff Jeff Randall), Roberto Messina [as Bob Messenger] (tavern owner), Fortunato Arena [as Ares Lucky] (Vargas, bandit leader), Ivan Giovanni Scratuglia [as Ivan Scratt] (Tiger Harry), Aldo Rendine (mayor), Nando Angelini (mayor's aide, stage passenger), Luciano Rossi (Jack), Mario Lanfranchi (Tyler, El Paso sheriff), Claudio Biava, Paola Biancucci, Guglielmo Lovecchio, Cristina Gallo, Ugo Carboni (kidnapped girl's father), Franco Betella, Piero Morgia (Tiger henchman)
  • Uncredited actors: Franco Pesce (bank manager), Alberigo Donadeo (El Paso citizen), Amerigo Santarelli (Vargas henchman), Vincenzo De Palo (Vargas bandit), Giglio Gigli (posse member)
  • Director: Osvaldo Civirani [as Richard Kean]
  • Story: Roberto Gianviti
  • Screenplay: Osvaldo Civirani, Roberto Gianviti, Vincenzo Dell'Aquila
  • Cinematography: Osvaldo Civirani [as Glen Eastmang] [Eastmancolor - Cromoscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Nora Orlandi [as Jan Cristiane]
  • Song: "The Gold Men" sung by Don Powell
  • Producer: Giulio Sbarigia



Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 89 min

Release Dates

  • December 22, 1966 (Italy)
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