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Uno sceriffo tutto d'oro (1966, Osvaldo Civirani)



Outlaw Arizona Roy has a bounty on his head that is getting bigger. This we witness at the beginning of the film. He has several scams cooking, but eventually he gets caught, tried and soon has a noose around his neck. Sheriff Jeff Randall barely manages to prevent the execution. The sheriff has a legal document that states that Roy must testify in an important case, after which he may be hung. It is all bullshit of Randall, but he manages to stuff the outlaw. In reality the sheriff is not satisfied concerning his salary and that makes him corrupt. He came up with a plan to rob half a million dollars in gold and needs Arizona Roy as an accessary. The heist has been well invented and executed even better: Unrecognizable as Arizona Roy he holds the coach, with about a dozen armed guys, at gunpoint. This stagecoach of course is the sheriff's jurisditicion, who thus makes sure of a spotless collaboration.

Roy gets away with half a million in bouillon and goes into hiding in a saloon where there is nobody else but him, the owner and the owner´s woman. This Jane however, quickly realizes that Roy has something valuable on him. Whereas Roy and the owner treat each other with the fists, the woman proves to be the most malignant of the three to escape herself, with the gold. The sheriff meanwhile, announces his retirement; supposedly because he cannot live with the ' large fault' that he was guilty of. He sets off to Roy´s hideout, but as you know, the gold is gone. And Roy also, who went after Jane, who was not able to enjoy posessing the gold much, because it promptly falls in the hands of Mexican bandit Vargas and his gang. Now the sheriff must regain the loot at the Mexicans. But that´s not all bad, as there is a barbecue, dynamite, plenty to drink and Arizona Roy sadistically tied up to a wheel...



Fairly obscure spaghetti western from director Osvaldo Civirani and a quite nice one at that. The set-up is simple and looks familiar and the ending is rather bad, but in general the film is a pleasant diversion for sure. Jacques Berthier and Luigi Giuliani were, until recently , unknowns to me, but they interpret the head roles in a nice manner. Subtle (and less subtle) humour takes care of the escapism. Moreover the fist fights and fusillades are in order. Although I probably will rapidly forget this film, it was worth seeking out.

Luciano Rossi


--Bad Lieutenant 23:54, 7 January 2010 (UTC)

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