Schuh des Manitu, Der

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Der Schuh des Manitu (Germany 2001 / Director: Michael Herbig)

Also known as

Manitou's Shoe (International English title) | Manitu bocskora (Hungary) | Manitu saabas (Estonia) | El mocasà­n del manitú (Spain) | El tesoro de manitú (Spain) | Der Schuh des Manitu - Extra large (Germany (longer version)) | But Manitou (Poland) | Winnetou - O Tesouro De Manitou (Brazil)

Cast and Crew

  • Cast: Michael "Bully" Herbig (Abahachi/Winnetouch/Gray Starling), Christian Tramitz (Ranger), Sky Du Mont (Santa Maria), Marie Bäumer (Uschi), Hilmi Sözer (Hombre), Rick Kavanian (Dimitri), Tim Wilde (John), Sigi Terpoorten (Jim), Robinson Reichel (Joe), Oliver Wnuk (Jack), Irshad Panjatan (Chief Cunning Bastard), Tim Sikyea (Shoshone), Robert Alan Packard (Shoshone), Salvatore Pascale (Shoshone), Antonio Ramirez (Fake Hair), Josef Hannesschlager (barman), Gerd Lohmeyer (sheriff), Alexander Held (Karl May), Diana Herold (blonde squaw), Ramon de Habugo (slave at window), Anke Engelke (mother), Herbert Feuerstein (Apache in photograph), Natalia Avelon (Uschi as a teenager), Sinan Palanci (Abahachi as a kid), Kenan Palanci (Winnetouch as a kid), Philipp Krause (father), Roland Kunzel (Kiowa chief), Regine El Gokhy (Apache midwife), Hanina Banaga (star dancer), Patricia Dick (star dancer), Aloun Phetnoi (breakdance double), Mariachi Acapulco (Mexican musician), Lia Sophie Dittner (Abahachi/Winnetouch as a baby), Friedrich Schoenfelder (narrator)
  • Story: Michael Herbig, Alfons Biedermann, Rick Kavanian, Murmel Clausen
  • Screenplay: Michael Herbig, Rick Kavanian, Alfons Biedermann, Murmel Clausen
  • Cinematography: Stephan Schuh & Eddie Schneidermeier [color]
  • Music: Ralf Wengenmayr
  • Producer: Michael Herbig, Michael Wolf


The blood brothers, Abahachi and Ranger, are betrayed by the bandit Santa Maria, and the Shoshones are after their scalps. They all meet again when the blood brothers, together with Uschi, Dimitri and Abahachi's homosexual twin brother, Winnetouch, search for a treasure which is buried inside a hill named "Manitou's Shoe".


Well directed and incredibly funny parody on the famous German Winnetou films. With the humour ranging as usual from subtle to vulgar, it became one of the most successful German films ever.

by Stanton


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