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Se il mondo intorno crepa

From The Spaghetti Western Database


Se il mondo intorno crepa (Italy 2014 / Directors: Emiliano Ferrera, Stefano Jacurti)

  • Runtime:
  • Release Date: 2014

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Giovanni Bufalini (Marshall County), Emiliano Ferrera (Bill Carson), Stefano Jacurti (Black Burt), Simone Pieroni (Butcher Joe), Emanuela Ponzano (Sheila), Antonio Rocco (Gunslinger), Antonella Salvucci, Willy Stella, Claudio Vitturini (Jack - bartender)
  • Screenplay: Stefano Jacurti
  • Cinematography: Alberto Marchiori
  • Music: Fabrizio Sartini, Klaus Veri
  • Editing:
  • Producer: Stefano Jacurti


Filming locations


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