Secreto del capitan O'Hara, El

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El secreto del Capitan O'Hara (1964 Spain / Director: Arturo Ruiz Castillo)

  • Runtime: 99 min
  • Release Date: 1966

Also known as

Secret of Captain O'Hara (U.S.A.) | Il segreto di Ringo (Italy) | O'Hara secret (Spain) | O Segredo De Ringo (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: (Spanish credits) Germán Cobos [as Johnny Harrison (It)] (Captain Richard O'Hara), Marta Padován (Mary McQueen/MacQuint), Mariano Vidal Molina (Major Harvey Brooks/Brush/Moore), Charo Tejiro (Gwennie / Juana), José Canalejas (Wills), Tomás Blanco (Colonel Robert Patterson), Ángel Ter (Sergeant Delken/Taylor), Montserrat Ferrer [as Montserrat Blanch] (Mrs. Patterson), Rafael Albaicín (Flaming Arrow), Rafael Cores (Captain Hoover), Alfonso de la Vega (Sergeant Douglas), Fernando Bilbao (soldier), Guillermo Méndez (Corporal Mitchell), Federico Cobo, Rafael Cortés (Chief Running Deer), José Luis Lluch (Mullins), Francisco Serrano, Francisco Braña (Henry), Jorge Vico (Lieutenant Miller), Emilio Sánchez [as Emil Sanchez] (doctor) [Italian credit]
  • Story: “El Capitan Fracasos” by Clark Carredos
  • Screenplay: Manuel Martinez Remis, Jose Maria Elorrita, Arturo Ruiz Castillo
  • Cinematography: Alfonso Nieva [Eastmancolor - Cinemascope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Manuel Moreno Buendià­
  • Songs: “Song of the Indian”, “Song of the Prairie” sung by Alonso Duran
  • Producers: Rafael Marina, Jose Maria Elorrieta


A court-martialed soldier saves a fort and the Major who falsely testified against him from an Indian attack.


Cavalry vs Indians which is made in the American style, this was an early entry into the genre. Full of Spanish character actors who will be familiar faces in the following years. There is nothing of real interest here, but worth a look if available. (Tom Betts)

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