Sette magnifiche pistole

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7 magnifiche pistole (Spain, Italy 1966 / Director: Romolo Guerrieri)

  • Runtime: 102 min (89 min?)
  • Release Date: 8.4.1966

Also known as

Siete pistolas para Timothy (Spain) | 7 Guns for Timothy (U.S.A.) | Seven Magnificent Pistols (U.S.A.) | Sancho - Dich küsst der Tod (Germany) | Schiess schneller oder mach dein Testament (Germany) | Ein Mann der Tat (Germany) | San Antone (Germany) | ...e Benson imparo' ad uccidere (Italy) | Les sept colts du tonnerre (France) | Sete magnificas pistolas (Portugal) | Os 7 Pistoleiros (Brazil) | Seven Magnificent Pistols for Timothy

Cast and crew

  • Cast (Spanish credits): Sean Flynn (Timothy Hollister Benson), Fernando Sancho (Rodrigo Rodriguez), Ida Galli [as Evelyn Stewart (It. poster)] (Cora Lee), Daniel Martín (Slim), Frank Oliveras (Burt), Poldo Bendandi (Gorky / Corky), Rafael Albaicin (Black Fox / Gray Eagle), Tito Garci­a (Abel), Spartaco Conversi [as Spean Convery (It. poster)] (Brett Colton), Antonio Almorós (Sheriff Coleman), Francisco Gabarre, Osvaldo Genazzani (beer drinking game host)
  • Also with: Juan Fernandez (Grampa Lee), Juan Torres (boxing promotor), Ivan Basta (Stranton gunman), Antonio Basile (Stranton gunman), Maruska Rossetti, Anita Todesco, L. Gallo, William Conroy (cowboy)
  • Director: Romolo Guerrieri [as Rod Gilbert]
  • Story: Alfonso Balcazar
  • Screenplay: Giovanni Simonelli, Alfonso Balcazar, Jose Antonio de la Loma
  • Cinematography: Victor Monreal (Eastmancolor - Techniscope 2,35:1)
  • Music: Gino Peguri
  • Song: "Cavalca cow boy" sung by I Marcellos Ferial
  • Producers: Alessandro Jacovini, Augusto Silvestrini, Alfonso Balcazar


The greenhorn Timothy Benson is the heir of a mine, in which also the bandit Rodriguez is interested. Timothy's foreman Corky and his 5 friends are his only hope and they teach him the lessons of self-reliance.


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