Sette monache a Kansas City

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Sette monache a Kansas City (Italy 1973 / Director: Marcello Zeani [as Roy Patterson])

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Also known as

Kansas City (Italy) | Siete monjas en Kansas City (Spain) | Nonnen, Gold und Gin (Germany) | 7 Rahibe Kansas'da (Turkey) | Seven Nuns in Kansas City (U.S.A.) | Os Dois Vaqueiros De Kansas City (Brazil) | Trouble in Kansas City | Nuns, Gold & Gin

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Ugo Fangareggi (Dave, gay cowboy), Fiorella Galgano [as Lea Gargano] (Mother Superior), Vincenzo Maggio [as Enzo Maggio] (Gin), Enzo Pulcrano [as Paul McCraen] (Greg, Bart henchman), Antonio Di Leo (as Tony De Leo) (Bob, gay cowboy), Rita De Angelis [as Irta D'Angel] (Jessica / Susanna Rourke), Bruno Boschetti (Sam / Mack, Bart henchman), Sergio Serafini (Madison henchman), Edmondo Tieghi (Madison lieutenant), Salvatore Baccaro [as Sal Boris] (Bart henchman), Lello Pontecorvo (Whisky Joe), Mario Dardanelli (Bart henchman), Mario Dani (Madison / Marrison), Enrico Casadei, Sergio Ukmar (Madison henchman), Giuseppe Mattei [as Pino Mattei] (Steve, Bart henchman), Ignazio Spalla [as Pedro Sanchez] (Bart / Fatty)
  • Also with: Lina Franchi (nun), Adriana Bruno (nun), Franca Scagnetti (nun), Aldo Formisano (saloon patron), Angelo Boscariol (saloon patron)
  • Story: Lidia Puglia, Marcello Cascapera
  • Screenplay: Lidia Puglia, Marcello Cascapera
  • Cinematography: Mario Sbrenna [color - widescreen]
  • Music: Gino Peguri
  • Producers: Elido Sorrentino, Pietro Santini, Lidia Puglia


A "comedy" featuring talking mules, imbecile prospectors, gay cowboy villains and food-throwing nuns. Two cowboys, searching for a hidden gold mine, hide out from Mexican bandits in a convent. The nuns don’t take any crap and proceed to kick the hell out of the bandits.


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