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Sette pistole per un massacro

From The Spaghetti Western Database

Sette pistole per un massacro (Italy, Spain 1967 / Director: Mario Caiano)

  • Runtime: 88 min
  • Release Date: 29.4.1967

Also known as

Adiós hombre (Italy) | Hondo spara più forte (Italy) | Adios Hombré (France) | Con el corazón en la garganta (Spain) | Hondo dispara más fuerte (Spain)(working title) | Seven Pistols for a Massacre (U.S.A.) | Das Todeslied von Laramie (Germany) | Das Todeslied (Germany) | Einen Whisky als Kopfgeld

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Craig Hill (Will Flaherty), Giulia Rubini (Peggy), Piero Lulli (Luke Brabham), Eduardo Fajardo (Tiny / Tilly), Roberto Camardiel (Doc), Eleanora Vargas (Judith), Jacques Herlin (Mr. Pink / Pim), Nazzareno Zamperla (Tom, Peggy's brother), Nello Pazzafini (King, henchman), Spartaco Conversi (Bisbee Sheriff Pat), Renzo Pevarello (Kid, henchman), Massimo Carocci (Nick), Osiride Pevarello (blacksmith), Aldo dell'Acqua (poker player), Pino Polidori, Natale Nazzareno, Tomas Picó, Caterina Trentini (as Kathleen Parker)(dancer), Luigi Ciavarro (Little Tucson deputy), Goffredo Unger (Bisbee deputy), Gianfranco Clerici (Pablo, henchman), Franco Ukmar, Elio Angelucci (saloon patron)
  • Screenplay: Eduardo M. Brochero
  • Cinematography: Julio Ortas [Eastmancolor - Panoramico 1,66:1]
  • Music: Francesco De Masi
  • Song: "The Only Girl He Loved" sung by July Ray
  • Producer: Bianco Manini


Tiny and his gang try to rob a bank, but the safe is empty. Waiting for the announced gold transport they hold the whole town captive. Amongst them is Will Flaherty who has escaped from prison to prove his innocence.


Some bad guys trash a saloon and kill a lot of people while waiting for a shipment of gold to arrive at the local bank in this entertaining Spaghetti Western from the director of "Amanti dei Oltretomba". Eduardo Fajardo is as evil and over the top as usual, while Craig Hill is the hero of the piece as an ex-con (wrongfully accused, of course) who saves the day. Director Mario Caiano worked extensively in Westerns (Il Mio Nome e Shanghai Joe is marvelous), but is best known as a horror director, as is this film's co-cinematographer Sergio Martino (I Corpi Presentano Tracce di Violenza Carnale). Genre enthusiasts will recognize Nello Pazzafini, Spartaco Conversi and Roberto Camardiel among the cast.


A film which doesn't make any real effort with anything in it, so that a basically promising story is wasted in an average actioner.

by Stanton


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