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Severino (East Germany 1978 / Director: Claus Dobberke)

  • Runtime: 81 min
  • Release Date: 30.6.1978

Also Known As

Der Sohn des grossen Hauptlings kehrt zuruzk – Severino (Germany) | Severino - Geheimnis vom Condor Pass (Germany) | Severino (U.S.A.)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Gojko Mitic (Severino), Violeta Andrei (Maruja), Leon Niemczyk (sergeant), Constantin Fugasin (Blas), Mircea Anghelescu (Nicolas), Emanoil Petrut (Domingo), Helmut Schreiber (Juan Cortinez), Thomas Wolff (Luis Cortinez), Zephi Alsec (barman), Romulus Barbulescu (Pedro), Jurie Darie (Manzanero Chief), Jon Dichiseanu (Ghost rider), Virgil Andronic (halfbreed), Nicolai Dide (Black), Gheorghe Mazilu (Marilluan), Mioara Florea (Marilluan's wife), Adriana Boldijar (Marilluan’s daughter), Dan Dobre (Diego), Viorel Moises (Tobias), Willi Schrade, Marcel Anghelescu, Gheorghe Constantinescu, Boris Gawritzki, Nicolae Peniuc, Constantin Radulescu
  • Story: “Severino von den Inseln” by Eduard Klein
  • Screenplay: Inge Borde
  • Cinematographer: Hans Heinrich
  • Music: Günther Fischer
  • Producer: Gerrit List


An Indian goes after his tribe’s horses stolen by the government.


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