Sfida dei MacKenna, La

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La sfida dei MacKenna (Spain, Italy 1970, Director: León Klimovsky)

  • Runtime: 96 min
  • Release Date: 21.3.1970

Also known as

Un dólar y una tumba (Spain) | Challenge Of The McKennas (USA) | Badlands Drifter (USA) | Amen (USA) | Vendetta a l'Ouest (France) | Un dollaro e una tomba (Italy) | Ein Dollar, ein Grab und zwei Ave Maria (Germany, planned title) | La défi des MacKenna (France) | Manden uden fortid (Denmark) | A Dollar and a Grave | Mendocino - drei Löcher in der Haut | Minha Pistola Nunca Falha (Brazil) | Предизвикателството на МакКена (Bulgaria)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: John Ireland (Jones/Jonas MacKenna), Robert Woods (Chris), Annabella Incontrera [as Pam Stevenson](Maggie), Roberto Camardiel (Don Diego), Daniela Giordano (Barbara), Mariano Vidal Molina (Ed Gray), José Antonio López, Ferdinando Poggi [as Nando Poggi](Juan, Diego henchman), Sergio Mendizábal (Doctor Bennett), Attilio Dottesio (Bob, Laredo sheriff), Angelo Dessy [as Angelo Dessi](poker dealer), Giovanni Cianfriglia [as Ken Wood](Gray henchman), Sergio Colasanti, Angelo Botti
  • Story: Antonio Viader, Edoardo Mulargia
  • Screenplay: Antonio Viader, Edoardo Mulargia, Pedro Gil Paradela, León Klimovsky (uncredited)
  • Cinematography: Francisco Sánchez Munoz [Eastmancolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Francesco De Masi
  • Song: "Amen" sung by Carmen
  • Producers: Giuseppe Maggi, José Frade, Luis Mendez


A former priest becomes embroiled in the drama raging between a Mexican rancher, his unhappy daughter and psychotic son whilst dealing with his own issues of guilt and a loss of faith. A new relationship with the local brothel keeper seems to offer a fresh start but the rancher and his son are set on making him pay for his interference and his own inner demons are never far away.


Hollywood's John Ireland tops the cast of the Italian spaghetti western, The Challenge of the McKennas. The hero is a former priest, who feels he has lost the calling. Most of the deadly sins are trotted out during the ensuing drama, and several commandments broken, but good triumphs over evil and the Lord works in mysterious ways. Placing this film head-and-shoulders over most of its genre are the three-dimensional performances of the actors and a solid screenplay. Challenge of the McKennas is also known as Badlands Drifter.

  • The writing and directing, who may or may not have done what, are discussed in Phil's fine review.

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