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Shalako (UK, West Germany 1968 / Director: Edward Dmytryk)

Also known as

Man nennt mich Shalako (West Germany) | シャラコ (Japan)


  • Cast: Sean Connery (Moses Zebulon 'Shalako' Carlin), Brigitte Bardot (Countess Irina Lazaar), Stephen Boyd (Bosky Fulton), Jack Hawkins (Sir Charles Daggett), Peter van Eyck (General Baron Frederick Von Hallstatt), Honor Blackman (Lady Julia Daggett), Woody Strode (Chato), Eric Sykes (Mako), Alexander Knox (Senator Henry Clarke), Valerie French (Elen Clarke), Julian Mateos (Rojas), Donald Berry (Buffalo), Rodd Redwing (Chato's father), 'Chief' Tug Smith (Loco), Hans De Vries (Hans), Walter Brown (Pete Wells), Charles Stalnaker (Marker), Bob Cunningham (Luther), John Clark (Hackett), Bob Hall (Johnson)
  • Also with: José Terron (cougar driver)
  • Story: Louis L'Amour
  • Screenplay: J.J. Griffith, Hal Hopper, Scot Finch
  • Cinematography: Ted Moore [Technicolor, Francoscope]
  • Music: Robert Farnon
  • Song: "Shalako" sung by Jim Dale
  • Producers: Euan Lloyd, Artur Brauner


A party of European aristocrats are on a hunting party in New Mexico in the 1880’s. The company is threatened by hostile Apaches and duped by the treacherous guide, who’s after their jewelry (and Honor Blackman).

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