Shango, la pistola infallibile

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Shango, la pistola infallibile (Italy 1970 / Director: Edoardo Mulargia)

  • Runtime: 96 min (original version) / 87 min (current version)
  • Release Date: 21.3.1970

Also known as

Italy Shango | Germany Shangos letzter Kampf | Greece Otan o Satanas kratai pistoli | U.S.A. Shango | Shango - A Pistola Infalível (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Antonio De Teffè [as Anthony Steffen] (Shango), Eduardo Fajardo (Major Droster), Maurice Poli (Captain Martinez), Barbara Nelli (Consuelo Fernandez), Giusva Fioravanti (Pedrito Fernandez), Attilio Dottesio [as Attilio D'Ottesio] (Fernandez), Massimo Carocci (Sergeant Scott), Spartaco Conversi (Bragna, Martinez soldier), Liana Del Balzo (Tana, white haired Mexican woman in shawl), Angelo Dessy [as Angelo Dessj] (Pedro, Martinez soldier), Adriana Giuffrè (Rosaria), Franco Pesce (Manuel), Mirella Panfili [as Mirella Pompili] (Marisol), Andrea Scotti (Salvador), Gabriella Giorgelli (Pamela), Franco Ukmar (rebel soldier, maestro d'armi)
  • Also with: Gilberto Galimberti (Martinez soldier), Renzo Pevarello (Martinez soldier), Pietro Torrisi (Martinez soldier) Claudio Ruffini (Martinez soldier), Angelo Susani (Martinez soldier), Osiride Pevarello (Martinez soldier), Bruno Arié (Martinez soldier), Fortunato Arena (Martinez soldier), Paolo Figlia (Martinez soldier), Sergio Ukmar (Martinez soldier), Rinaldo Zamperla (Martinez soldier), Riccardo Petrazzi (Martinez soldier), Clemente Ukmar (Martinez soldier), Enrico Chiappafreddo (rebel soldier), Giulio Mauroni (rebel soldier), Arnaldo Dell'Acqua (rebel soldier), Giancarlo Ukmar (rebel soldier, tree), Omero Capanna (Union soldier, flashback), Antonio Marcolini (peon), Angelo Casadei (peon)
  • Story: Antonio de Teffe, Edoardo Mulargia
  • Screenplay: Antonio de Teffe, Edoardo Mulargia
  • Cinematography: Gino Santi [Eastmancolor, Colorscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Gianfranco Di Stefano
  • Producer: Pino De Martino


The Civil War is over but a maniac Major, played by Fajardo, intends to keep his troops and townsfolk in the dark to maintain his power over the area. Ranger Shango (Anthony Steffen) is captured by the Major and framed for the murder of the local telegraph operator, the only person capable of receiving the news that the war has ended. However, Shango escapes, determined to bring down the insane Major and end the abuse of the townsfolk.


In its better moments this film is as exhausted and bewildered as its characters, in its weaker moments it's only a series of unsatisfying shoot-outs, in which Steffen fools and shoots his enemies by the dozen in too typical SW manner. Apart from the wrongly directed action scenes, Mulargia delivers beautifully and inspired staged pictures, but the ill-conceived script (co-written by Steffen and the director) fails to create the necessary tension between the characters. Shango has a great beginning and a good ending, but no middle.

by Stanton

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