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Si Può Fare... Amigo

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Si può fare... amigo (Italy, Spain, France 1972 / Director: Maurizio Lucidi [as Maurice Bright])

  • Runtime: 109 min
  • Release Date: 31.3.1972

Also known as

Amigo!... Mon colt a deux mots à te dire (France) | En el Oeste se puede hacer... amigo (Spain) | ...Y asi sea (Spain) | Seamos Amigos (Spain) | It Can Be Done Amigo (U.S.A.) | The Big and the Bad (U.K.) | Die Brillenschlange und der Büffel (Germany) | Der Dicke in Mexiko (Germany) | Der Dicke in Mexico (Germany) | Halleluja... Amigo (Denmark) | Et ainsi soit-il (France) | Halleluja Amigo (Denmark) | Vadnyugati Casanova (Hungary) | Dynamiittia nyrkeissä... amigo! (Finland) | Komt voor elkaar, Amigo (Netherlands) | To się da zrobić, amigo (Poland) | Den våldsamma fighten (Sweden) | Amigo, opgepast, mijn colt schiet raak! (Belgium) | To zvládnem, amigo (Czech Republic) | Bulldozer is Back | Bulldozer Is Back Amigo | Can Be Done, Amigo | Saddle Tramps


  • Cast: Bud Spencer (Hiram Coburn), Jack Palance (Sonny Bronston), Francisco Rabal (Sheriff Franciscus), Renato Cestiè (Chip Anderson), Dany Saval (Mary Bronston), Luciano Catenacci (Big Jim), Roberto Camardiel (Mole), Franco Giacobini (Professor Dirtaster), Serena Michelotti (Widow Warren), Manuel Guitián (Uncle Anderson), Salvatore Borgese [as Sal Borgese](deputy), Marcello Verziera [as Margello Verziera](deputy), Dominique Badou (Sonny's girl w/red dress), Dante Cleri [as Cleri Dante](doctor), Ann Collin, Dalila Di Lazzaro [as Dalila di Lamar](Sonny's girl w/blue dress), Luciano Bonanni (bartender), Franca Vigano
  • Also with: Riccardo Pizzuti (Big Jim henchman), Roberto Alessandri (Big Jim henchman), Franco Ukmar (Big Jim henchman), Giancarlo Bastianoni (Big Jim henchman), Pietro Torrisi (brawler), Paolo Figlia (Big Jim henchman), Raffaele Mottola (banker)
  • Story: Ernesto Gastaldi
  • Screenplay: Rafael Azcona (as Rafael Fernandez), Albert Kantoff [French dialogue]
  • Cinematography: Aldo Tonti [Technicolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Luis Bacalov
  • Song: “Can be Done” sung by Rocky Roberts
  • Producers: Enrico Chroscicki, Alfonso Sansone


A young boy inherits a house and some useless land from his dying uncle who obtains a promise from a drifter to look after the boy's interests.