Siete cabalgan hacia la muerte

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7 cabalgan hacia la muerte (Spain 1980 / Director: José Luis Merino)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

Siete Cabalgan Poster.jpg Contents:

  • Runtime: 88 min

Also known as

7 Cavalgam Até A Morte (Brazil)


  • Cast: Luis Rosillo [as Luc Littleros] (Stephan, la soberbia (pride)), Assumpta Serna [as Ada Rodier] (Ann, la avaricia (greed)), Jorge Nieto [as George Grandson] (Lon, la lujuria (lust)), Manuel Díaz Velasco [as Emmanuel Day] (Hiram, la ira (wrath)), Tony Valento (Gregory, la gula (gluttony)), Emilio Alonso [as Emil Bearded] (Elliott, la envidia (envy)), Carlos Tristancho [as Charles Tristan] (Peter, la pereza (sloth)), Horst Günter (sheriff), José Luis Merino [as Louis M. Woves] (Zackary Carter)
  • Story: José Luis Merino
  • Screenplay: José Luis Merino
  • Cinematography: Manuel Hernández Sanjuán [Eastmancolor - Panoramico 1,66:1]
  • Music: Alfonso Linos, José Barranco + Ricardo Recuero
  • Producer: Emilio M. Larraga


Zackary Carter decides to sell his possessions and divide the proceeds between his heirs, but he is killed and the money is stolen so the heirs decide to pursue the killer and recover their inheritance. The opening credits assign the 7 Deadly Sins to each one of the 7 leading characters.

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