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Silent Tongue (France, Netherlands, UK, USA 1994 / Director: Sam Shepard)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern
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  • Release Date: 1.2.1994
  • Runtime: 102 min

Also known as

Cicha Zemsta (Poland) | Le gardien des esprits (France) | O Espírito do Silêncio (Brazil) | Schweigende Zunge – Die Rache der Geister (Germany) | Siopili glossa (Greece) | Lengua silenciosa (Spain) | Ghost Rider – Indian Magic (Sweden) | Tand för tunga (Sweden) | Silent Tongue (U.S.A.)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Richard Harris (Prescott Roe), Sheila Tousey (Awbonnie / Ghost), Alan Bates (Eamon McCree), River Phoenix (Talbot Roe), Dermot Mulroney (Reeves McCree), Jeri Arredondo (Velada McCree), Tantoo Cardinal (Silent Tongue), Bill Irwin (Comic), David Shiner (Straight Man), Red City Rovers (Medicine Show Band), Arturo Gil (midget acrobat #1), Jospeh S. Griffo (midget acrobat #2), Timothy Scott (The Lone Man (as Tim Scott), Billy Beck (petrified man), Philip Attmore (tap dancer), Al Lujan (Kiowa drummer), Devino Trioche (fire-eater), April Tatro (contortionist), Tim Carroll (stagecoach driver), Nicholas Ortiz y Pino (young Reeves), Robert Harnsberger (buffalo hunter), Fred Maio (owner), David E. Wynne (Easterner), Sky Fabin (Easterner), Leslie Fleming-Mitchell (Easterner), Jill Momaday (prostitute), Lynn Davies (prairie girl)
  • Story: Sam Shepard
  • Screenplay: Sam Shepard
  • Cinematography: Jack Conroy [Deluxe color, Panavision]
  • Music: Patrick O'Hearn
  • Producers: Ludi Boeken (producer), Carolyn Pfeiffer (producer), Gene Rosow (executive producer (as Eugene Rosow)), Catherine Scheinman (associate producer), Bill Yahraus (executive producer)


When a young settler’s Indian wife dies his father returns to the medicine show where she was bought to buy her sister in hopes she will somehow take her place.

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