Sons of Bitches

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Sons of Bitches (Switzerland, 2016 / Director: Arnaud Baur)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

Sobbaur01.jpg Contents:

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Sandra Zellweger (Sally), Raphaël Tschudi (Le chasseur)
  • Story: Arnaud Baur, Colin Vettier
  • Screenplay: Colin Vettier
  • Cinematography: David Baumann
  • Music:
  • Producer: Arnaud Baur, Olivier Beguin, Raphaël Tschudi


Sally is a prostitute for pionneers and trappers in a small town in Wisconsin. As she can no longer bear the abuses and fear for her baby’s life, she decides to run away and face the cold and snowy mountains instead of enduring the violence one more day.

Far from the image of the good whore we are used to in westerns, prostitution in the wild west was a wretched reality : rapes, addiction, depression et persecutions. With «Sons of Bitches» the idea is to demystify those watered down tales by offering a singular and uncompromising film.

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