Spacconata, La

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La spacconata (Italy 1974 / Director: Alfonso Brescia)

  • Runtime: 98 min
  • Release Date: 16.8.1975

Also known as

El Bravucon (Spain) | White Fang and the Gold Diggers (U.S.A.) | Trommelfeuer für vier Fäuste (Germany) | Whisky und die Goldgräber (Germany) | Croc blanc et les chercheurs d'or (France) | Kullankaivajat (Finland)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Robert Woods (Sandy Shaw/David/Daniel), Ignazio Spalla (as Pedro Sanchez)(Dollar), Claudio Undari (as Robert Hundar)(Barney Taft), Franco Lantieri (Donovan), Gabriella Lepori (Connie/Linda Burton), Paolo Lena (Rick Shaw), Jean-Pierre Clarain, Franco Calogero, Renato Malavasi, Andrea Fantasia (sheriff), Amedeo Timpani, Nello Pazzafini


Sandy Shaw inherits the "Eagle's Nest", a gold mine in Canada's far north. He moves there with his young son, Rick and faithful dog Whiskey but soon finds a deadly enemy in Taft, who wants the mine for himself. When things are complicated by the arrival of Sandy's proxy bride, revenge and greed collide and violence is the inevitable result.


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