Spaghetti Western Memories

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Spaghetti Western Memories is an interview featurette with Sergio Sollima and Tomas Milian

  • Contained on: Explosive Media DVD and BluRay versions of Face to Face and Indicator and Explosive Media BluRays of The Big Gundown
  • Runtime: 49 min
  • Language: Sollima (Italian w/ EngGer Sub) Milian (English w/ Ger Sub)
  • The Milian interview is originally from Wild East (as mentioned in Special Thanks)
  • 2012
  • Produced by Explosive Media
  • Directed and produced by Ulrich P. Bruckner
  • Production supervisors: Inga Seyrig, Patrick O'Brien, Eric Mache
  • Camera: Jennifer Lamaj, Michael Lindner
  • Editor: Oliver Czech
  • Other special thanks: Guenther Marzi; Moritz Peters, Helmut Biber, Udo Zimmermann
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