Spaghetti Westerns: the Good, the Bad And the Violent

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  • Title: Spaghetti Westerns: the Good, the Bad And the Violent: A Comprehensive Illustrated Filmography
  • Author: Thomas Weisser
  • There is a different issue with a plain red cover, subtitled "558 Eurowesterns and Their Personnel, 1961-1977."

"The infamous fairy book by Weisser should only make the top one list of SW books one should immediately get rid of. Nobody needs this book who has access to the SWDb anyway." - Stanton

From Amazon: Spaghetti Westerns--mostly produced in Italy or by Italians but made throughout Europe--were bleaker, rougher, grittier imitations of Hollywood Westerns, focusing on heroes only slightly less evil than the villains. After a main filmography covering 558 Spaghetti Westerns, another section provides filmographies of personnel--actors and actresses, directors, musical composers, scriptwriters, cinematographers. Appendices provide lists of the popular Django films and the Sartana films, a listing of U.S.-made Spaghetti Western lookalikes, top ten and twenty lists and a list of the genre's worst.

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