Spritzende Colts

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Spritzende Colts (Germany 1991 / Director: Walter Molitor (as Moli))

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

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Also known as

Cock City Corral (U.S.A.) | Le tireur est en prison (France) | Горѿчие кольты (Russia)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Christopher Clark, Madleine Chantilly, Kristina (Barbara Reimann), Monika Vilmoska, Angelika Bella (as Gabriella Jankov), Pamela Wright, Judith De Ville, Georgina Lempin, Claudia Grosso (as Andrea Molinar), Alexandro Mesa, Miroslav Moska, Monika Dvoczka (as Kristina). Georgina Lempin, Barbara Reimann
  • Story:
  • Screenplay:
  • Cinematography: [color]
  • Music:
  • Producer:


Gunslingers and desperadoes travel those happy trails in search of the next easy ridin' chick to go down on their peacepipe. In between some truly wild and outlaw lovemaking (e.g. on a horseback, no less) there's enough room for a genuine saloon punch-up and an ill-fated Mexican stand-off. And more than one low-riding lady faces double-barreled doom (in more ways than one) in Eastwood country... "Bonanza" this sure ain't.


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