Stadt ohne Sheriff

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Stadt ohne Sheriff (Germany 1972 / TV series / Director: Rolf von Sydow)

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  • Runtime: 26 x 25 min
  • Release Date: December 4, 1972 - June 25, 1973

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Uwe Friedrichsen (Tex Ritter), Heidi Fischer (Peggy), Heinz Baumann (Antonio Colani), Erik Schumann (Frank), Ernst Fritz Fürbringer (Doc), Hans Hinrich (Judge Adams), Mogens von Gadow (Hook), Barbara Valentin (Saloon girl)
  • Screenplay: Hans Dieter Schreeb, Hans Georg Thiemt
  • Music: Raimund Rosenberger
  • Producer: Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)


Gentle-minded New York City bank employee Tex Ritter is sent to small western town Blue River to take over the local bank. Being a greenhorn from the east coast, it is not easy for him to earn the respect of the townspeople. He drinks milk instead of whisky and rides a bicycle instead of a horse. He can fight very well though and regularly defies attempts to rob the bank, which happen a lot as the town has no sheriff (hence the series' title). In two Blue River citizens, Peggy and Antonio, Tex finds friends he can rely on when gunman Frank or all sorts of dodgy visitors cause tension.


“Stadt ohne Sheriff” was a 26-part German TV series first aired December 4, 1972 - June 25, 1973. It was filmed in "Hot Gun Town", a Western town build in a forest near Grafrath, a Bavarian provincial town 40 kilometers from Munich. The amusement park consisted of nineteen wooden buildings, among them the "Silver Dollar Saloon“, a sheriff’s office, a blacksmith's shop, the town’s newspaper "Frontier News" and a church. Among the special attractions were a bank robbery every hour, Can-Can dancing in the Saloon and fist fights on main street. "Hot Gun Town" opened 1971 and was criticized by locals and politicians for glorifying violence and commercializing the natural habitat. 1973 the town burned down, culprits were never convicted.

Two novelizations by screenwriters Hans Dieter Schreeb and Hans Georg Thiemt were published in book form.


  1. Das Greenhorn
  2. Als der Regenmacher kam
  3. Mädchen aus Billings
  4. Goldfracht nach Billings
  5. Großer Bahnhof
  6. Ein Revolverheld
  7. Das Geschäft des Mr. Mouse
  8. Auf dem Kriegspfad
  9. Rivalinnen
  10. Das Geheimnis des Friedensrichters
  11. Der letzte Zug
  12. Der Silberfuchs
  13. Das Abschiedsgeschenk
  14. Die Mindestreserve
  15. Onkel Harry
  16. Zwei-Finger-Bill
  17. Die Lady
  18. Fünftausend Dollar für Mr. Wallace
  19. Der große Coup
  20. Das Urteil
  21. Toter Mann
  22. Lösegeld für einen Richter
  23. Der geschenkte Schimmel
  24. Der Mann mit dem Sprengöl
  25. Dreißig Gewehre
  26. Der Waldläufer


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