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Pictures (click to enlarge): Rs amigos.jpg Mark, Phil, Aarron, Sebastian and Rod during the trip to Almeria (Spain 2008) Magdeburg.jpg Daevid, Marc and Sebastian, at Western von Gestern in Magdeburg (Germany 2008)

The Spaghetti Western Database (SWDb) is a community-edited encyclopedia and magazine open for contributors. We have a more or less permanent staff of official editors as well. The people listed below are or have been outstanding voluntary contributors to the website. They each have a page and forum profile, please click on them to find out more. If you want to become part of our staff, send us an email! It's a non-paid job by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.

  • Active editors: Sebastian, Tom, Phil, Simon, ...
  • Former or currently inactive editors: Chris, Mark, Alex, ...

Below is a list of all user pages categorized as staff.