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  • Digitmovies GDM 2050 / Mono
  • Composer: Benedetto Ghiglia
  • 4-page color leaflet with poster + film still


Track listing:

  1. Starblack (Main Theme Instrumental)
  2. Starblack (Night Suspence)
  3. Starblack (Sundown Whistle)
  4. Starblack (Blue Skies, Green Valleys)
  5. Starblack (Waiting)
  6. Starblack (Happy Whistle)
  7. Starblack (Saloon Piano)
  8. Starblack (Love Moments)
  9. Starblack (Bandits)
  10. Starblack (In Action)
  11. Starblack (Main Theme Reprise)
  12. Starblack (Horse Raiders Part 1)
  13. Starblack (Horse Raiders Part 2)
  14. Starblack (Happy Whistle Reprise)
  15. Starblack (Suite)
  16. Starblack (Main Theme) (Vocal: Robert Woods)
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