Storia di karatè, pugni e fagioli

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Storia di karatè, pugni e fagioli (Italy, Spain 1973 / Director: Tonino Ricci)

  • Runtime: 89 min
  • Release Date: 14.6.1973
  • Filming Locations: Almería

Also known as

Karate, Fists and Beans (USA) | Fäuste, Bohnen und... Karate! (Germany) | La Ley del karate en el Oeste (Spain) | Siete contra todos (Spain) | Karate, Yumruk ve Fasulye (Turkey) | Karatê, Murros e Feijão (Brazil) | Karate i vilda västern (Sweden) | Karatekauhu lännessä (Finland) | Roben ton dason me toxa kai karate (Greece)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Dean Reed (Sam), Ivao Yoshika [as Iwao Yoshioka] (Moikako Fujibashi), Alfredo Mayo (Colonel Randolph Quint), Pino Ferrara (Andy Johnson), Cris Huerta (Buddy Piccolo), Sal Borgese (Ken Goldenhand), Angel Aranda (Clint Goldenhand), Luis Induni (sheriff), Renato Malavasi (Morgan), Carla Mancini, Dante Cleri (farmer in wagon), Fernando Sancho (Espartero), Francesca Romana Coluzzi (Baby Morgan)
  • Additional Spanish credits: Gustavo Re (Judge Angus McLeod), Francisco Jarque Zurbano (diner waiter), Juan Torres [as Ivan Torres] (Father Modesto), Antonio Almorós (diner manager), Gaspar 'Indio' González (Everglades deputy), Manuel Muñiz 'Pajarito' (Zachary Todd, undertaker), Irene D'Astrea (Concha, Espartero cook), Juan Patiño (Espartero bandit), Angel Lombarte (Everglades deputy), Goffredo Unger [as Fredy Hunger] (Freddy, Espartero lieutenant [assistant director])
  • Also with: Claudio Ruffini (Henry, Chinese diner guest), Sergio Smacchi (Chinese diner guest), Franco Ukmar (duck hunter), Renzo Pevarello (duck hunter), Lucio Zarini (Espartero bandit), José Luis Chinchilla (Espartero bandit), Antonio Ponciano (trial protester), Riccardo Petrazzi (Morgantown citizen)
  • Story: Alfonso Balcazar
  • Screenplay: Arpad De Riso, Giovanni Scolaro
  • English dialogue: Ted Rusoff
  • Cinematography: Jaime Deu Casas [Eastmancolor - widescreen]
  • Music: Guido & Maurizio De Angelis [as Juniper]
  • Producer: Sergio Borelli


Sam and Buddy, two highway robbers, join with Colonel Quint, in order to free Baby, the banker's daughter, abducted by Espartero and his killers gang. The rag-tag band meets Espartero in several scraps, and then a climactic confrontation. All are ugly, bad, and dirty (except Baby), and fight accordingly.


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