Straniero... fatti il segno della croce!

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Straniero... fatti il segno della croce! (Italy 1967 / Director: Demofilo Fidani [as Miles Deem])

  • Runtime: 98 min
  • Release Date: 16.5.1968

Also known as

Extranjero... Haz la señal de la cruz! (Spain) | Bekreuzige dich, Fremder (Germany) | Stranger, Say Your Prayers! (U.S.A.) | Etranger, signe-toi! (France) | Xene, kane ton stavro sou! (Greece) | Persignate Llego Tu Hora (Argentinia) | Gringo - Reze Para Morrer (Brazil) | Make the Sign of the Cross, Stranger!

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Charles Southwood (bounty hunter), Jeff Cameron (Lucas), Cristina Penz (Trudy), Massimo Righi [as Max Dean] (Nick, Donovan henchman), Calisto Calisti [as Antony Stewens] (Carson Donovan), Ettore Manni (Blake 'The Cripple' Logan), Mel Gaines [as Mel Gaynes] (James C. Donovan), Fabio Testi (Donovan henchman), Simonetta Vitelli [as Simone Blondell] (Miss Sullivan), Amerigo Castrighella [as Castor Gail] (Texas, Donovan henchman), William Reed, Rino 'Joe' Sentieri [as Red Mindlestone] (Red, Donovan henchman), Dino Strano (Budd, Donovan henchman), Ivan Scratuglia, Lino Coletta (Clark, Donovan henchman), Aristide Massaccesi aka Joe D'Amato [as Ariston Massachusset] (Willy, Donovan henchman), Maria Capparelli [as Mary Capparelli] (Mrs. Sullivan), Giovanni Querel (banker), Luciano Doria (Doc Ferguson), Emanuele Gonzales (Carson henchman ?), Giuseppe Altamura (Shorty Smith, Donovan henchman), Ruggero Salvadori (Carson D. henchman)
  • Also with: Aldo Barozzi (priest in bank), Maurizio Streccioni (White City sheriff), Fulvio Esposti (casino croupier), Marcello Meconizzi (saloon patron), Angelo Casadei (White City resident)
  • Screenplay: Demofilo Fidani [as Miles Deem], Corrado Patara
  • Cinematography: Franco Villa [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
  • Camera Operator: Aristide Massaccesi aka Joe D'Amato
  • Music: Marcello Gigante
  • Producers: Demofilo Fidani, Corrado Patara
  • Assistant Director: Aristide Massaccesi aka Joe D'Amato


Two brothers, who are the leaders of a gang of outlaws, besiege the village of White City. They rob and terrorize the people of the surrounding countryside which attracts the attention of a bounty hunter who upon arrival becomes involved in their plight.

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