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Sugar Colt

From The Spaghetti Western Database

Sugar Colt (Italy, Spain 1966 / Director: Franco Giraldi)

  • Runtime: 101 min
  • Release Date: 12.10.1966
  • Filming locations: Tabernas - Almeria

Also known as

Rocco, der Mann mit den zwei Gesichtern (Germany) | Kavallerie in Not (East Germany) | Lännen nopein lääkäri (Finland) | Sugar Colt (France) | Sugar Colt (Portugal) | Sugar Colt (U.S.A.) | Sugar Colt (Spain) | El dia de la masacre (Spain) | Trinita, to pio grigoro pistoli (Greece) | Sugar Colt (Greece) | Westerns desperados (Sweden) | 必殺の用心棒 Hissatsu no yojinbo (Japan)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Jack Betts (as Hunt Powers)(Dr. Tom Cooper/Rocco/Sugar Colt), Soledad Miranda (Josefina/Josefa), Giuliano Raffaelli (as Julian Rafferty)(Colonel Haberbrook), Gina Rovere (as Jenny Oak)(Senora Bess), Erno Crisa (as James Parker)(Yonker/Younger), Fortunato Arena (saloon patron), Luis Barboo (Bingo), Frank Braña (Haberbrook henchman), Alfonso Rojas (sheriff, Haberbrook henchman), José Canalejas (bearded henchman), Ví­ctor Israel (gravedigger), Paolo Magalotti (Black), Manuel Muñiz (as Pajarito)(Agonia), Antonio Padilla, Osiride Pevarello (saloon patron), Riccardo Pizzuti (soldier), George Rigaud (Pinkerton man), Nazzareno Zamperla (soldier), Mara Krup (woman with cigar), Rossella Bergamonti, Giovanni Scarciofolo (Jeff Cameron)(Haberbrook henchman), José Galera Balazote (shooting gallery assistant), Valentino Macchi, Paolo Carta, Patrizia Giammei, Alfred Thomas, Elisabetta Welinski
  • Story: Giuseppe Mangione, Augusto Finocchi, Alesandro Continenza (as Sandro Continenza)
  • Screenplay: Giuseppe Mangione, Franco Giraldi, Augusto Finocchi, Fernando di Leo, Alessandro Continenza (as Sandro Continenza)
  • Cinematography: Alejandro Ulloa (Technicolor - Techniscope 2,35:1)
  • Music: Luis Bacalov
  • Song: "Sugar Colt" sung by I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni
  • Producers: Ugo Santalucia, Franco Cittadini, Stenio Fiorentini, Francisco Lara Polop


Sugar Colt (Hunt Powers) is an undercover agent who travels to the town of Snake Valley to investigate the disappearance of a group of U.S army officers who are being held for ransom. Posing as a doctor, Colt unravels the mystery surrounding the men's disappearance while battling the town's army of henchmen and eventually has to confront the evil town boss in order to liberate the captives. Along the way he wins the affections and respect of the lovely Soledad Miranda.

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