Suo nome era Pot... ma... lo chiamavano Allegria, Il

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Il suo nome era Pot... ma... lo chiamavano Allegria (Italy 1971 / Directors: Demofilo Fidani [as Dennis Ford], Lucio Giachin)

  • Runtime: 98 min
  • Filming Dates: July 1971
  • Release Date: 26.11.1971

Also known as

Quella carogna di Lobo! (Italy) | Su nombre era Pot... pero le llamaban Alegria (Spain) | His Name Was Pot... They Called Him Allegria (USA) | Hero Called Allegria (USA) | Son nom est Pote (France) | Seine Waffe war Dynamit (Germany) | Sein Name war Pot - aber sie nannten ihn Halleluja| Banditten Lobo (Denmark) | Zijn naam was Pot (The Netherlands) | O sklirotrahilos (Greece) | Lobo, o bastardo (Brazil) | Lobo the Bastard

Cast and crew

  • Cast (Italian): Pietro Martellanz [as Peter Martell] (Pot), Lincoln Tate (Steve), Daniela Giordano (Mexican girl), Ciro Papa [as Xiro Papas] (Lobo), Giuseppe Scrobogna [as Joseph Scrobogna], Luciano Conti [as Lucky McMurray] (Steve henchman), Amerigo Castrighella [as Custer Gail] (Steve lieutenant), Carla Mancini, Marcello Meconizzi [as Marcel McHoniz] (steve henchman), Franco Corso [as Frankie Coursy] (Steve henchman), Gordon Mitchell (Ray)
  • Uncredited actors: Benito Pacifico (Steve henchman), Enzo Pulcrano (Steve henchman), Alberigo Donadeo (deputy), Fulvio Pellegrino (innkeeper), Sterling Ross, Josiane Tanzilli (girl with Lobo), Maria D'Incoronato (girl with Lobo), Erika Blanc (girl with headband at fiesta), Sleepy Warren (gravedigger w/dynamite), Filippo Perego (banker), Aldo Formisano (saloon drunk), Claudio Ruffini (saloon brawler), Sergio Testori (saloon brawler), Attilio Severini (saloon brawler)
  • Story: Lucio Giachin, Diego Spataro
  • Screenplay: Lucio Giachin, Diego Spataro
  • Cinematography: Mario Mancini (Eastmancolor, widescreen)
  • Music: Nico Fidenco (Recycled from John il bastardo)
  • Producers: Massimo Bernardi, Diego Spataro


Pot and his brother Ray rob a bank. Pot is arrested but soon escapes and meets a bandit named Steve. They plot to rob the local bank and with the help of an old undertaker, who digs his graves with dynamite, they empty the safe. Pot does not know that Steve cooperates with Lobo, a Mexican bandit, who has Ray ambushed and Steve tortured to get all the money for himself. Pot manages to free Steve, but then finds out that Steve had a hand in his brother's death ...


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