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What a great film. This film is so rare on DVD or anything that it took me years to track it down and now I am surprised no big company has yet released this on a non-bootleg DVD. This is far from standard Fulci stuff, there is hardly any gore or anything. The film boasts a nice cast of Hilton and the ever great Nero. The music is also great and the athmosphere is quite outstanding, made possible also by the great cinematography. A very entertaining Spaghetti Western. Massacre Time is surely overlooked, one of the better of the bunch so to say. It is also noteworthy that Nero doesn't fire a single shot throughout most of the movie, and Hilton 's character is a good shot although he's boozing all the time, very bizarre. --Sebastian 22:54, 11 August 2006 (CEST)

Director Lucio Fulci’s first spaghetti western is a little slow in spots, but the pace picks up with the infamous bullwhip scene and the film has an ultra-violent, hypnotic finale that seems to have influenced John Woo to his balletic shootouts. Despite the presence of Nero this is definitely Hilton’s film: it’s possibly his greatest performance in a spaghetti western and was his breakthrough in Italy. - Scherpschutter

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