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Italian cinema is usually associated with the likes of Lucino Visconti, Sophia Loren or Roberto Benini, yet few people have influenced its perception in the world among the mass audience as these two actors did. Both became famous under their artist names, both rose to fame with roles that involved adolescent humor and lots of exaggerated fistfights: Carlo Pedersoli, the former Olympic athlete famous for his grunting, wild beard and big bodily size, also known as Bud Spencer, and Mario Girotti, the career actor known for his blue eyes, acrobatic scenes and reccuring presence on Italian TV, also known as Terence Hill. While the Spaghetti Western genre has a lot to offer, from serious and violent films over artistic endeavours and bizarre experiments to the comedic mass-consumption movies of the later years, it cannot be said that (aside from the fans and connoisseurs) most people are aware of the diversity and background of them all. The Spencer/Hill movies however have reached an audience so broad, that they almost constitute their own subgenre, which in sheer numbers is probably more popular than anything else. The Spaghetti Western Database prides itself in being a steadily growing and extensive resource for the whole breadth of the genre, and with this special, which we dedicate the whole March of 2010 to, we want to pay tribute to two human beings who have given us laughter and tears during our childhood, who have brought charm and wit to the genre, who have transcended the medium and have become cultural icons. --Sebastian Haselbeck 18:36, 26 February 2010 (UTC)

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